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Practitioners’ Experiences Of Public Policy – IMPRI Impact And Policy Research Institute

Practitioners’ Experiences of Public Policy.


The first session of the first day of the Fundamentals of Public Policy  Program, organized by IMPRI, Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, on 3rd March, 2023, was a thought-provoking discussion on Practitioners’ Experiences of Public Policy by Ms Urvashi Prasad.

Fiza Mahajan, a research intern at IMPRI, had the honor of introducing Ms Urvashi Prasad.

Practitioners’ Experiences of Public Policy

She discussed the dilemma associated with public policy formulation at the practical level by taking into consideration the example of COVID-19. At the onset of the pandemic, there was a lot of confusion regarding whether to go for masks or not or to implement lockdown or not. With the insights about policy implementation from the practitioner’s point of view, she discussed various factors that need to be taken care of while implementing policies such as proper assessment of available resources, along with its impact on civil society at large.

Uncertainties Related to Healthcare

While tackling the unprecedented situation of the pandemic there were a lot of uncertainties related to both physical and human infrastructure in terms of the availability of hospitals, doctors, nurses, medicines, masks, protective kits, etc.

Behavioral Change

Policy-making requires expertise to tackle the issue of behavioral change associated with the human aspect as in the case of a pandemic one has to look into solutions to create awareness among people regarding social distancing, the benefits of wearing masks, etc. along with the development of research capabilities. The government also plays a crucial role in the federal structure for the efficient implementation of policies due to differences in socioeconomic issues and large-scale inequalities.

Incentives and Disincentives-

She further explained that Policymaking can be exciting as well as challenging on the same hand as one has to look into various consequences for the same For eg for the promotion of institutional deliveries several steps are being taken but its consequences are that there is a rapid increase in C-Section delivers as birth can now be planned rather than natural births that have various health hazards associated with it. So these are the incentives and disincentives associated with it.


She concluded by saying that Policy Making is not about the right or wrong decision but it involves intricacies of making an informed decision by choosing the right option as a plan is to choose and one has to work on this in public policy making.

Prof Mukul Asher shared his final remarks on the session’s key takeaways, emphasizing the importance of addressing conflicts for harmonious policy-making in society. Fiza Mahajan, extended a formal vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to the speaker, chairperson, and the engaged audience for their active participation. In this insightful session, participants gained valuable insights into the complex dynamics of conflict and its relevance to public policy in practical life.

Acknowledgement: Bhanvi is a research intern at IMPRI.

Teaser Youtube Video of Fundamentals in Public Policy Programme: https://youtube.com/shorts/mf-BjX1_C0c?si=sxDNu1yXzpmexPyc.

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