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Women Empowerment: A Holistic Perspective

Session Report
Riya Pawar

Gender Impact Studies Center, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute hosted the Winter School Program on Young Women Leaders in Public Policy Fellowship.   The 10th Session of this course was conducted from 6th January to 8th March. The session was convened by Dr. Arjun Kumar, Simmi Mehata, Prof. Gumadi Srideviji, and Adv Dr. Shalu Nigam. The course is conducted by esteemed women pioneers from varied fields with special guidance to emerging young Women Leaders.

The session was chaired by Prof. Vibhuti Patel, she delivered the opening remarks. She talked about the Chicago Industry Workers  who stood for their human rights and remarked that collective efforts can truly transform our human society. She noted how women were against world war, reflecting the traits of empathy and foresightedness among women. She briefly summarized past sessions conducted under YWLPPF. Then she called upon Dr. Simmi Mehata to Introduce Ms Kanta Singh. 

Dr Simmi Meheta listed some of the prominent achievements including her 9 years tenure at UN Women and her unwavering.  Ms. Sing brings with herself a wealth of expertise in program management resource mobilization advocacy and capacity building on gender issues and broader human rights we would not have been uh we are very fortunate we are. She concluded by wishing a happy international to all the participants and guests. 

Women Empowerment

She gave the virtual floor to Ms Kanta Singh for her keynote address.  She talked about kleptocracy in the policy process. She quoted that there are several cases of public policies being unidimensional ignoring inclusion altogether. She further elaborated upon Public Policy to document voices of Women. 

She further talked about consultancy and their role in decision making. She expressed with the hope that they should try to  uplift the cause of young women. She raised concerns about arbitrary policy designs and how they actually contribute to strengthening glass ceilings for women. 

She talked about investment in Gender equality focusing on financial investments. According to her, financial investments in women are crucial for their growth trajectory. She advocated the emancipation of women from traditional roles in society. 

She propounded that as students of Public Policy we must take an inclusive approach. According to her it is crucial to bring women together. And when we as women policy makers are among decision makers, it is crucial for us to adopt an inclusive approach towards other women. She further elaborated upon  other ways of bringing money in women’s sense like private investments, multiple other ways of bringing money in women’s sense of course there needs to be a private sector which invests in women Skilling employment education entrepreneurship there are multiple ways. She noted that women are equally capable of leadership and we need to nurture them to bring in opportunities for their evolution as a leader. 

She further presented her opinion about how green and clean the economy at present. She talked about the sense of guilt that overrides women when demanding time to initiate something.so we should start demanding for ourselves. She concluded by thanking the IMPRI team for their efforts in organizing this fellowship.

Moving forward with the session, Priyanka Negi presented the new book released by IMPRI. She urged the participants to go the extra mile and submit an abstract. Overall the session touched on the pragmatic aspect of Women in Public Policy and how we can create a conducive environment for evolution of women leaders. Her speech was truly inspiring for participants as they learned from the insights she gained from her career and expertise. Ms. Kanta Singh was apt in highlighting the facets of inclusivity and development of women. Emancipating women from the narrow boundaries of domestic walls requires familiarizing them with the outside world. 

Acknowledgment: This article was posted by Riya Pawar, a research intern at IMPRI.

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