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“We Don’t Have An Employment Policy of India Yet” – Prof D N Reddy @ IMPRI #WebPolicyTalk


Sunidhi Agarwal, Chhavi Kapoor

Eminent Labour Economist & Professor, Human Resources Management Area at XLRI – Xavier School of Management, Dr K R Shyam Sundar’s new book titled Impact of COVID- 19, Reforms and Poor Governance on Labour Rights’ was released today at a virtual event. He dedicated the book to the premier international academic body (co-founded by former President Shri V.V. Giri), the Indian Society of Labour Economics.

In the context of COVID-19, the induced pandemic, and the recent labor reforms IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, and Xavier School of Management organized the book discussion as part of the IMPRI series with Centre for Work and WelfareThe State of Employment #EmploymentDebate as ‘Impact of COVID-19, Reforms and Poor Governance on Labour Rights. The event was co organized by the Indian Social Institute (ISI), New Delhi, Working People’s Charter, and Counterview.

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Prof D N Reddy, Professor in Economics (Retd.) and Former Dean, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, contributed as a discussant during the #WebPolicyTalk based on the topic, ‘Impact of COVID-19, Reforms and Poor Governance on Labor Rights‘.

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While releasing the book, Prof D Narasimha Reddy commented, “Here is a book that tells you the precariousness of the migrant and informal workers during the pandemic COVID-19 due to the conscious failure of the state and the apathy of the judiciary. In much more detail it exposes the deficits of the reforms emerging in the shape of the Four Labour Codes”

Another point highlighted by him is given below, which was tweeted live:

YouTube Video for Impact of COVID-19, Reforms and Poor Governance on Labor Rights

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