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Bing WordPress plugin for instant indexation in bing !!


Rohit Mehta

As we know Google has 90% of the market share and bing has around 2 to 3 % of the market share. However, here we are going to discuss the bing WordPress plugin for instant indexation in bing.

For adding the bing plugin to your dashboard, you need a webmaster tool. Through this, you can start with a bing search.

Webmaster tool helps to analyze insights of your page leading to ranking on bing search results. Before that, first, you need to understand your audience, what they are searching for. Analyze your website through reports and webmaster tools. You should be doing all the things on your hand like sending mail, personalize messages and alerts for your sites.

Webmaster tools have unique SEO tools, that let you explore your site, analyze backlinks, keywords.

Webmaster tool supports you in many ways, from guidelines to API access, help center, customer support, blogs, URL submission API, and many more.

You improve visibility in Bing search by adding Bing URL submissions WordPress plugin. Bing URL submission WordPress plugin is part of the bing webmaster tool. This will get faster indexing in the bing search engine.

You can experiment with the bing search engine and webmaster tools like as site: URL

Now, let’s discuss the features of bing webmaster,

This will toggle your automatic submission feature on and off.

This will submit a URL to the Bing index manually.

This will view a list of recent URL submissions from the plugin.

This will also download recent URL submissions for analysis.

If you running the site of news-related blogs, then you might have faced some issues where faster indexing makes a difference. Hence in this case you should be using the Bing URL submission WordPress plugin.

Setting up your bing URL submission WordPress plugins

First, you need to install and activate the Bing URL submission plugin,

Then click on the setting of the plugin, login to the Bing webmaster tool,

You will get your API key,

Once you get your API key then you can add your API key to Bing WordPress plugin settings.

Bing picks your content for indexation through the sitemap. once you have submitted your website, then it will do manual submission for the unindexed article.

You can use the search operator “site: URL “ for checking indexing in the bing search or not.

If not, then you use a plugin to improve indexing in bing search.


A webmaster is a tool that improves website visibility in Bing and it’s a really powerful tool that you can use if you are searching for a bing WordPress plugin for instant indexation. If you are here, reading this then you would probably understand, how the bing WordPress plugin can help your site to rank in the Bing search engine with great visibility. and let me know in a comment,if you have any problem in setting up your webmaster tool or any questions.I am happy to

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